The difference between fashionable [of Japanese women fashion ...

Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes [It's fashionable me a Japanese woman! ] Foreign women who studied in Japan in my friends do this say. [Japanese women feminine], such as [Japanese women are using the attention to appearance, not less likely to be praised the fashionable Japanese women. I think, but I live in the birthplace of Paris fashion, even compared to the fashionable Parisians that yuku city, Japanese women much compare favorably is that it is fashionable. However, the fashion and the Japanese women's fashion Parisienne there are some differences. So, what are the fashion of the features of the Japanese women compared with foreign women. So this time, I tried to summarize the [Japanese women fashion features] heard the opinions of foreign women in reference to the past. Let's explore the differences between the values ​​of women visible from the fashion of neat Japanese women! . Variety rich One of Japan's fashion features, the richness of the variety. Alone the kind of female fashion, cute system, clean system, Gal, Harajuku (clothes) system, princess system, Lolita, Gothic is a variety, such as.

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