The common Sweden 00 years spring and summer collection, the Middle ...

Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes 00 years Spring Summer Collection of common Sweden (CMMN SWDN) have been published in France Paris 0 date (Tuesday). Theme, which means "community" in Arabic [Ummah]. Turning to their origin Country, culture, in recent years the nation and borderless in all areas is accelerated, the world feel like stepping foot into a new era to accept the fact that various things are mixed together. Is the brand of designer who this season after being based on such a background toward the eye, of his own origin. They with Sweden and Iraq in origin, continue to expand the highly original collection was interwoven a characteristic taste with their country. Middle East Western wardrobe Wardrobe of The basis is, full of the city "the West". Shirts and pants, the dress using the basic items such as jackets, have been included is always somewhere in the Middle East of the element, go much attracted to the line of sight of the audience. Most were symbolic of is, it is wound in a head scarf. Also say this decoration Arabian costume icon is or try it in under the cap, or try to align in the shirt and the same pattern, each enjoying the coordination of their own way.

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