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Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes Hawk bird dealer Akira series of "the most famous Japanese in the Middle East", this time the theme is not much familiar to Japanese, is the national costume of the Gulf Arab countries. The number of holdings of Arab ethnic costume of an individual is Japan, bird dealer's hawk that wear ethnic costumes also in Japan in the field is, and thoroughly explains the national costume differences and wear method! How to identify the Gulf Arab by Dress As reported in the first times, we come to each of the national character is emphasized by a change in the diplomatic situation between the recent Gulf Arab. It says that it has become a little important to give the identify for the Gulf Arab attire of difference in that era. The latest news is arrested by the police walk the area in Saudi Arabia women are said to be religiously strict with mini skirt, we have come out talking about that. Freedom for women, in terms of there are many discussions, but whether the local people previously mini skirt is what kind of clothing, knowing the fact that I think help us when to go is everyone in the Middle East.

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