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Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes Pronoun and camouflage also say the military fashion. Originally it was born from camouflage techniques to deceive the eyes of the enemy. Not only men's is now also incorporated into women's wear and accessories, it has become an indispensable part of the fashion scene. Here, we introduce the history and types of camouflage. The origin of camouflage is German sprinter pattern Camouflage, now in camouflage pattern, also known as duck pattern, but has become a fashion staple, the kind of wide variety. Its origin is in the German army was developed in the year [sprinter pattern]. It has been designed in the motif of the forest of Germany, is said to be formally adopted camouflage as the world's first personal equipment. There are theories, or was the adoption of a small fraction what was considered in other countries in the German army before, it seems to have not been earnest research. Then, when World War II broke out, I camouflage called, such as rubbing the brush [Brush pattern] British forces also began to incorporate.

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