Fashion of autumn coming Middle East designer et al fashion show ...

Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes While fall fashion season that new work of 0 Spring Summer collection is one after another announced the arrival in the world, fashion season kicked off in Dubai, or carried out in various places fashion show by designers, et al. In the Middle East, Japan name-brand new work also began on store shelves of department stores. Also lined up in the over-the-counter in Dubai famous brand of Japan October date to Sunday, in a fashionable commercial facilities Madinat Jumeirah Beach (Madinat Jumeirah), the [fashion-forward 0] is carried out. Fashion-forward is a place to announce the new collection of designer in the Middle East, this time of the season, brand-by-zero spring-summer collection in the Middle East is dyed to festive stage. United Arab Emirates is a neighboring country of the Federal (UAE), Oman-born sisters, Rubuna and Nadia people create brand [Endemaji (Endemage)] is, 00 years brand launch later, the women of the region, new traditional costumes It has continued to provide a form of.

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