Clothes Indonesia and the reason for the difference in the Middle ...

Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes [But where the people seemed to have enjoyed considerable material comfortable. A sign of prosperity and satisfaction was observed widely. Reasonable robustness of sturdy limbs and physique is an important feature of their appearance, not very considered, such as the lack of enough food to support the physical labor maintaining the health (Smith Edo period)] Hijab The word, which means the cover things (noun) in Arabic. Hijab, both Hejabu is in Persian. (Wikipedia) Women of Muslims in Malaysia Basically it seems to do I hide the hair. But, some people are out of the hair. Of course, this is a Muslims limited, not relevant to the followers of other religions. Indonesian Christians of the girls, had a similar appearance with the Japanese because there is no provision of clothing. Different in the Middle East. I saw when he traveled to Yemen of Syria and the Arabian Peninsula, had just woman wearing a Nikabu. Eyes only only in clothes that do not put out, was initially uncomfortable.

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