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Element OTTOMAN that weaves the history and structure of the clothes Men and women of Tunisia Introduction Tunisia is a Muslim country, and therefore I think we different from the feelings and position of the difference between the Japanese common sense by gender? You might think what. Indeed, Japan and has more than a few different things. Summary you that you have felt in the 0's female staff eyes of travel Sun for Tunisia of men and women so and so. The labor Basically, all of the rights and learn or work in both men and women has been permitted. The school is to is usually co-educational, women because no good in the student does not have to basically other than the mosque. However, the actual number of workers are men. Coming in Tunisia, it is many jobs (day laborers salary handed in employee) non-contract employment that do not fall in the insurance object. Their labor is mainly the souks and cafes, is the physical labor in the restaurant, inevitably women will be the work that can not work physically. Therefore less female workers, seems to offices and supermarkets, work in individual retail stores is often otherwise.

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